Darrell Backen Digital Marketing: Using Active Rain more effectively by finding Power Partners

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Using Active Rain more effectively by finding Power Partners

I found this interesting.


I know lots of people playing in the Rain truly are playing in the rain because they don't realize how powerful a professional networking site can be for them. I'm in an enviable position because I can do my work over the Internet. Realtors usually are not because they can only help Clients buy or sell a home in their area. If Clients need a Realtor in another area, they can't help. Or can they?

Here's what everyone at Active Rain should be doing.

Research the top companies in your area and find out where they have other locations. Find Active Rain Realtors in those locations and make them your Power Partners.

Companies like to transfer their low-level and mid-level management personnel all over the place to expose them to the great diversity that this nation has to offer.

For example:

  • Let's say that Paul McCartney is an aggressive dude and wants to be CEO of a nationwide company.
  • Let's say that he was born and raised in College Station, Texas, a reliably arch-conservative, Republican stronghold.
  • Let's say that he has a B.S. in computer science and an M.B.A., both from Texas A&M University, a reliably arch-conservative, Republican university (George Bush the First has his Presidential Library there).
  • Let's say that Paul joins Motorola's fast-track program which aims to put him in mid-level management within seven years, usually a District or Regional management position.
  • Let's say that Motorola has U.S. offices in Illinois (headquarters), Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Washington.
  • Let's say that you're a Realtor in College Station, Texas, and that you've known Paul since the day he was born, having gone to school with his parents. You've watched him grow up—first birthday, Little League, first date, high school prom, first car, etc.

Motorola will endeavor to take Paul from that arch-conservative, Republican stronghold where he has lived for 26 years and immediately send him to San Francisco to expose him to the nation's largest gay population, reliably liberal and Democratic, everything that College Station, Texas, and Texas A&M University are not.

Both areas, however, use the United States dollar as their currency of choice, so conservative Republican dollars spend just as well in San Francisco as liberal Democratic dollars do in College Station.

When Paul gets ready to move from College Station, Texas, who's going to sell the house that he's been living in for the past six years? You, the Active Rain Realtor located in College Station, Texas.

But what if you, the College Station Realtor don't know anyone in San Francisco to help Paul? Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? No. Your Active Rain Power Partner in San Francisco.

Of course, for this to work, one has to have tolerance in one's own beliefs and put them aside to help Paul. It's not about me-me-me, it's about Paul-Paul-Paul and how best to help him.

Who you gonna call? Power Partners!



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Comment balloon 1 commentDarrell Backen • April 02 2010 02:40PM


That is funny! I live in San Diego and went to Texas A&M University!!! I will have to subscribe to this guy's blog:) Thanks for the post!

Posted by Tiffany Torgan, Featured on HGTV's New Show! How Close Can I Beach (Harcourts Prestige Properties of La Jolla) about 10 years ago