Darrell Backen Digital Marketing: That Donkey Doesn't Work!

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That Donkey Doesn't Work!

I found this interesting.

There was once a farmer who needed to get his produce to market.

Early one morning, he tied his donkey to his cart and loaded it with all his fine fresh produce and set out to sell his goods in town.

A few miles down the road, the donkey began to tire so he stopped by the side of the road and did not move. The farmer yelled at the donkey. He got down from the cart and tried pulling the donkey along.

The donkey would not move.

The farmer decided to trick the donkey into moving by tying a carrot to a stick and holding it in front of the donkey, just out of his reach.

Sure enough, the donkey tried to get the carrot and once again, they were moving down the road.

After a mile or so, the donkey realized he was never going to get the carrot and again stopped by the side of the road.

The farmer was getting mad. The sun was getting high and his produce would spoil if he didn't get it to market so the farmer took the stick and started beating the donkey.

Of course the donkey immediately started to run. When the donkey started to slow down, the farmer beat him again. He repeated this several times.

Further down the road, realizing that the farmer was just going to keep beating him, the donkey finally stopped. He was defeated.

Once again, the farmer tried the carrot, he again tried the stick… the donkey rebelled. He wouldn't move. 

With his produce now rotting in the hot sun, the farmer also became defeated.

He didn't understand that enticement without any reward destroys action. Fear will never produce the kinds of behavior one wishes to encourage.

If you're in training or working with a coach who makes you feel like the donkey…


Talk to one of my certified coaches and learn how to reject fear based programs and become FEARLESS!

Celebrate your successes based on your level of improvement, not someone else's arbitrary standard.

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I want you to experience first hand what effective coaching is all about.

Dedicated to your success,


John Alexandrov
CEO & Founder
Real Estate Inner Circle™

PS. Remember, any coaching or training program you purchase should encourage and empower you to improve… to be your best… based on your needs and desires.

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