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Are you part of the minority?

My owner is a Marketing & Business Consultant in San DiegoThe 80/20 rule works in so many areas of business and life that I'm surprised so many people don't know about it.

It's basic premise is that 80% of something is accomplished by 20% of the people.

Here are a couple of examples, not necessarily true, but probably not far off, either:

  1. 20% of ActiveRain members have 80% of the points
  2. 20% of Realtors have 80% of the business

Another one that I have found is definitely true is that the average sale requires  five to seven contacts. Eighty percent of the people don't make the second contact!

Are you part of the minority!



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Comment balloon 2 commentsDarrell Backen • March 30 2010 10:20AM


Interesting percentages to ponder!  Thanks for the post.

Posted by Tamara Camden Vacation Rental Agent (All Rentals 2 Remember, inc.) over 10 years ago

I once belonged to a service group and many volunteer commities who followed that rule to the letter - possibly it was less...a handful of us did all the work while the rest of the members sat back and bathed in our accomplishments...LOL

Posted by Not In Real Estate Any Longer over 10 years ago