Darrell Backen Digital Marketing: Sometimes a small ad can have the phone ringing off the hook

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Sometimes a small ad can have the phone ringing off the hook

CITY NEWSPAPER CLASSIFIEDS ADS. These differ greatly from the little local papers we talked about earlier. These will generally service the entire city, this may not service your needs as you may not want to travel 20 or 30 miles out of your area. When you are expanding to larger areas, however, these papers can be quite an asset. You can sometimes preselect advertising in only certain areas in some papers or you may have to mention in your ad that you service only the north and west sides of the city, for example. Some astute customers will already figure what areas you probably serve by your telephone prefix. The advantage of the large papers is that your cost per thousand readers is less than the smaller papers so you get greater exposure. Sometimes a small ad can have the phone ringing off the hook!

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Hi Darell-

You raise an interesting point about targeting your advertising dollars in different local editions of the paper.  We don't have that in our area, but it's an idea for out-of-state advertising.

--Sara in San Antonio

Posted by Sara Woolford & Steve Golson, ALHS (iTexas Realty Co.) almost 11 years ago