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NOVELTY VEHICLE. I have seen some excellent examples of novelty vehicles over the years. These are vehicles that have incorporated the main theme of the company business into their vehicle by some kind of modification. One example I saw was a SHOE CAR for a shoe repair place. This car could not go down the street without people turning their heads to see it. It was built over a small foreign car and had the appearance of a large boot driving down the road. It was very effective at indicating where the shoe repair store was because the owner would park it right in front of the store. Another interesting vehicle was a SIX-PACK BEER TRUCK built on a 1 ton standard chassis. It had a standard 14 foot cargo van body modified to look like the 'case' for a six-pack of beer. Out of the top of the case (cargo box) were six capped necks of the brand of beer the company made. It was an eye-catcher! The most extravagant novelty vehicle I've ever seen was a 5 ton truck built especially to display a light show on the sides of a 30 foot long truck box. The truck was custom made to display changing light signs on the thousands of light bulbs on its sides similar to the rolling message light machines like the stock market reports come over on. The messages could be changed

by simply typing in a new message. You could see this truck from blocks away and still read it's messages! The representative said the unit and the truck cost over $300,000 and weighed the maximum carrying capacity of the truck just for the computer and generator!

You may be able to think of some little twist that you can apply to one of your vehicles to give it eye catching appeal. Those little Japanese trucks the Parks Departments use would make an interesting service vehicle to haul the aerators around. They almost look like toy trucks to begin with. Once you have a novelty vehicle you will become known as the company with the car just like the companies mentioned above. Some very large companies started out using these vehicles. Can you guess     which meat company had a wiener-mobile?

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