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THE $30 PAINT JOB. On this older vehicle that was not in the greatest of shape I didn't want to invest the $1000 it would have taken to put the body in shape and paint it. I decided to try an experiment and paint it by BRUSH AND ROLLER! This sounds ridiculous but it was only my rough usage truck that had cost me next to nothing and it looked so bad I had to do something. I tried the brush and roller method out first on the interior of the box and the results weren't that bad so I finished the truck off in about 3 hours with a brush, a FOAM roller (to leave no visible roller marks), and two gallons of Hi-gloss oilhouse paint! I followed the body lines and made the paint job a two-tone with my company colors. The amazing thing was that it looked great from 10 feet away which is as close as the customer usually comes to the truck when it is on the job site. I actually had compliments on how bright and clean my truck was! When you put your signs on the truck people tend to regard your vehicle as a company truck. It seems more professional to have an older painted up truck with signs on it than a shiny new vehicle that is 'anonymous'. Something I could never understand is why so many tradesmen service their customers without a sign on their vehicle. They lose thousands of dollars worth of in-the -area business this way. As we can see by this example it doesn't have to cost a fortune to look like you really are in business.

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This topics related a job.....There are very few yacht yards, that will take on this project. In fact I'd say none. The cost of this job would far exceed the value of the boat. I'd suggest, having the hull wet sanded and polished, and the bottom repainted. That would come in at say $5000 or a little less. Add $5000 for stripping the "bright work" and refinishing.....you get the idea. Haul-out and blocking (outdoors) is $8 a foot. each way.

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