Darrell Backen Digital Marketing: SAIL SPONSORSHIP.

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SAIL SPONSORSHIP. If you live in a area where there is a lot of sailing done near the city center, where there is a lot of people watching the sail boats, you may benefit from 'sail sponsorship'. This is where you would offer to subsidize the cost of new sails for the boats. Of course you would want to have your logo on the sails [there is usually some sort of design on the sails anyway so they may as well have a design that pays]. Once the sails were made, the effect of the advertising would last for years to come. To entice the boat owners to purchase your sails, you would have to have a substantial savings for them. You should get the benefit of being able to purchase the sails wholesale as you would purchasing them in bulk .I would suggest that you stick to one standard size of sail [pick out which boat seems the most popular] rather than trying to please everyone. I would also suggest that you concentrate only on the smaller sailboats that have to stay close to shore. There are usually lots of these little boats out in the harbor on a weekend. The sails for these boats are also much cheaper than the big sailing boats. Generally a lot of the people that are sailing these small sailboats are on a restricted budget and would welcome a price break.

Comment balloon 0 commentsDarrell Backen • February 14 2010 11:41AM