Darrell Backen Digital Marketing: FOLLOW YOUR DOLLAR.

The evolution of the magazine from print ...to online ...to mobile!  Instead of truckloads of magazines ... a simple app on mobile!!! Always There When You Need It. No Waste, No recycling, No Damage to the Environment... Totally Green Instead of the page in a magazine you get your complete information. Websites LinkedIn Facebook Featured In the News Pinterest Google+ Networking Associations Email Right Converts your viewers to instantly view your mobile website if you have one Direct connect to any employee you choose to list


FOLLOW YOUR DOLLAR. Wherever you spend your consumer dollars you should be asking to reciprocate the services with your aeration.


Advertising is a market segment of the entire marketing process. Marketing encompasses the entire business process from inception of idea to research and development, manufacturing, advertising, promotion, selling and distribution. The following deals primarily with advertising ideas and methods that are designed to produce maximum results with the minimum of expenditure. Some of these ideas are useful for promotion as well as advertising. There is a subtle distinction between the two marketing segments. My definition of advertising is when the goal of the activity is to ask the customer directly for an order by any means of communication. My definition of promotion is when the goal of the activity is to ask for the order indirectly through various communication media. The major function of promotion is to become well known within your target market. This way you are thought of first when your services are required. Many advertising ideas and methods would work well for promotion. Before trying any of the following ideas or methods, VERIFY WITH THE PROPER AUTHORITIES IF THAT PARTICULAR IDEA OR METHOD WOULD BE ALLOWED IN YOUR AREA.

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