Darrell Backen Digital Marketing: Five Tips to Create Emotional Value in Your Real Estate Blog Posts

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Five Tips to Create Emotional Value in Your Real Estate Blog Posts

 I found this useful.

How do bloggers maintain loyal readership and gain new followers?  Most bloggers discover over time that the way to do this is to blog consistently and satisfy your readers by giving them what they want.  In business, this is information, given freely and regularly, about products and services.  Timely news, how to's, and real life real estate stories are all blog fan favorites, but they need to be intermingled with a special seasoning to make an impact.
That special seasoning is emotion.  PPC Advertising, online marketing, and sales all use emotional triggers because they are proven winners.  You can create emotional value in your blog posts to wow readers into referral sources and direct buyers of your real estate services.

Here are five tips to create emotional value in your real estate blog posts


Research-Mix up Your Blog with High Traffic Trending Topics

Check trending topics on Google and Twitter.  View a few of the blog posts and articles that are written based on these trending topics.  What triggers your emotions in these online works?  Record the phrases that stand out when you read them and draw an emotional response from you.  Keep these notes on hand when you write your blog posts and need to find way to draw a similar response.

Analyze-Craft a Great Headline

Provide a balance of good SEO strategy and emotional value in your blog posts at the onset by creating a headline that makes use of longtail keywords and hits an emotional trigger.  Use a copywriting tool for your headlines called the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer.  Use this tool to set your blog posts on target from the get go.  The headline analyzing tool helps bloggers makes sure their headlines will make the right impact for their readers.  This tool also helps you stay on track with the theme of your blog posts by sorting it into one of three categories: spiritual, empathetic, or spiritual which will help you make sure you are on track with the theme of your blog posts.

Create- Write First. Edit Second

Allow the words that come to your mind to flow freely without thought to spelling, grammar or allowing your inner self criticizing writing demon to stop you in your tracks.  Limit your distractions from IM and Email by using the WriteRoom application for Google Docs.
When you are done writing the words exactly as they come to mind without any censoring then you can go back and edit your blog posts.  If you edit as you write you are, without a doubt, editing the emotional potential of your posts before it has the chance to hit your computer screen.


Add Graphics that Invoke Emotion
Read this blog post from Cathy Moore, "How to add emotional impact with evocative images".  Great images can evoke emotion in your readers beyond the prose of your post.  Moore's post breaks down the use of graphics into these five categories with specific details and how to's,
  1. Choose your stock site carefully
  2. Search the site for the concept
  3. Think of opposing similes
  4. Avoid culturally specific images
  5. Manage your images locally
After you read this post you will have a whole new view on the impact of images.  It is seriously that good.

Learn- Get A Clue from Creative Works

Watch some film footage, and more specifically, watch footage from animated movies.  One of my favorite inspirational resources to draw from are Pixar films.  Pixar's movie "Up" manages to portray a whole lifetime in five minutes.  It is utterly amazing and a craft of genius.  It is a high caliber example of how to create and hold the end user's attention through eliciting an emotional response within a short time frame.  If you want to really observe how to create an impact I recommend watching this film.
Here's another example of Pixar's ability to create emotion through creative work.  View this short scene from Toy Story 2 and notice how it triggers emotion.

You can recreate this same effect by using multimedia in your blog posts.  Adding video and audio is good way enhance your blog post topics.  Another method is to publish Speechless Sunday and Wordless Wednesday blog posts.
Use these five tips to create emotional value in your real estate blog posts.  Remember thought, that these tips will mean nothing unless you do the ground work.  Take a step back to breathe, live, laugh, and love.  This is where the best inspiration comes from. 
The rest are just meaningless methods without this foundation.
"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
Maya Angelou

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