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Oval Living.comCOMPANY COLORS. The other part of a simple corporate identity is to have a simple standard color scheme for your vehicles, uniforms and advertising. If you have a haphazard collection of different colored vehicles and everyone wearing something different you will have no company recognition. If you take the time and the little bit of money to make everything standard your company will become well known in your community. If you think for a minute of how many plumbers, for instance, you know of in your community, you start to think of which companies you have seen around your neighborhood [unless you are personally connected with a plumber most people never think of plumbers until they need one]. Now think again, what you thought of that instant was of the COMPANY'S TRUCKS YOU SAW AROUND! If a plumber doesn't have a company truck how would you know he is a plumber? He may have lived in the next block to you for 20 years! Anonymously! You don't want that lack of recognition do you? If you carry the same color scheme throughout your entire company's procedures you will rapidly gain recognition andbusiness!      Oval Living.com    

The total cost is small. For example 5 T-Shirts, 5 Baseball Caps [approximately $100), and a paint job for your truck [roughly $4001 would be only around $500. If you have a truck in good shape already and you would like to follow through with the colors of the truck already you will be hundreds of dollars ahead. You also have the option of doing what many large companies do which is to have a white truck [or any other solid colored truck) and just add a stripe down the side of the vehicle [there are vinyl pre-made strips for this purpose for around $20]. Another way the larger companies distinguish their vehicles by painting only the doors a different color. You would have to decide how much you want your vehicle to look commercial or do you want a dual purpose, pleasure also color scheme.

Oval Living.comI wrote this book over 20 years ago for the lawn care industry. There was a recession on then as well. The ideas are transferable to almost any service or small business. There are over 100 ideas on marketing and promotion that are FREE or nearly FREE. With the challenging economy we are facing now I have now re-written the book into a free e-book.
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It is all about branding and color is a branding item!

Happy New Year!

MaryBeth Mills Muldowney, TradeWinds Realty Group, LLC   Massachusetts

Posted by MaryBeth Mills Muldowney, Massachusetts Broker Owner (TradeWinds Realty Group LLC) over 10 years ago