Darrell Backen Digital Marketing: Top 10 eMarketing Tips eBC Guide to eMarketing Success

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Top 10 eMarketing Tips eBC Guide to eMarketing Success

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Top 10 eMarketing Tips

eBC Guide to eMarketing Success


Successful marketing on the Internet is not just about listing your website on Yahoo or

sending out thousands of unsolicited emails. Without a quality product or service and a

well developed website a top 10 listing in Google is pointless.


10. Develop a "Free" Service

Offer free information and tools on your site that can be used by your online visitors. It's

one thing to say, "Come to our site and learn about our business." It's quite another to

say, "Use the free kitchen remodelling calculator available exclusively on our site." Make

sure that your free service is closely related to what you are selling so the visitors you

attract will be good prospects for your business. Give visitors multiple opportunities and

links to cross over to the sales part of your site.


9. Start a Blog

A blog or weblog is simply a web page that scrolls chronologically like a journal and

contains links to other websites of interest. Blogs, as creative online journals, have been

used by technical specialists for a number of years, but business blogs, or b-blogs are

just now making inroads into the mainstream.

As an alternative, low-cost (or even free) means of electronic communication, blogs can

make up a significant part of your overall marketing strategy. Although b-blogs carry an

inherent marketing focus not found in creative weblogs, their casual structure provides

the opportunity to connect with readers on a more immediate and personal level than

traditional websites and newsletters allow.


8. 3rd Party Publishing

A great method of marketing your business is by publishing editorials in third-party ezines,

e-newsletters and on information-based websites. Just as editorials in offline

media can help position you as an expert in your field and drive readers to your website,

providing articles written (or ghost-written) by you to targeted online media can also drive

traffic to your website, often with no out-of pocket expense. Just remember to include a

short biography that outlines what you do and a link to your website at the bottom of

each article you publish.


7. eMail Newsletter

Permission-based email marketing can be a low-cost and very effective component of

your web marketing strategy. It can help to build a relationship between your business

and target market, and can drive traffic back to your website. Email marketing can

consist of direct email blasts and sales letters, personalized auto-responders, and/or

email newsletters.


Oval Living.com6. Offline Marketing

Never underestimate the value of using low-cost, offline marketing techniques to

encourage people to visit your website. Ensure your website address is clearly listed on

all of your marketing materials – that is, your business card, brochure, published articles,

print advertisements, sandwich boards, your vehicle, etc


5. Site Listed in DMOZ Directory

This is a huge boost as it is said that Google's directory comes straight from the DMOZ

directory. The DMOZ is commonly known as the Open Directory Project

(http://dmoz.org/) and it has strict guidelines as to who is listed. Submission info can be

found here: http://dmoz.org/add.html


4. Yahoo Directory Submit

Yahoo! Directory Submit is part of a suite of services Yahoo! created to serve the needs

of businesses like yours. Yahoo! Directory Submit provides expedited review of web

sites that are submited for possible inclusion in the Yahoo! Directory for US$299

(nonrefundable) for each Directory listing that is submitted. Furthermore, for each listing

accepted into the Directory, there is a recurring annual fee of US$299 to maintain the

listing in the Directory for the subsequent year.



3. Google Sitemaps

Google Sitemaps is an easy way for you to submit all your URLs to the Google index

and get detailed reports about the visibility of your pages on Google. With Google

Sitemaps you can automatically keep Google informed of all your web pages, and when

you make changes to these pages to help improve your coverage in the Google crawl.


2. Submit Your Site

You should submit your site to Google, Yahoo, and MSN at least once and no more than

once every 30 days. Although Google says that manually submitting your pages to their

index is unnecessary however they have an interface for you to do so. MSN will seldom

visit a website unless invited by submission. Yahoo frequents more than MSN but less

than Google but will dramatically increase visits after submission


Google: http://www.google.com/addurl/


Yahoo: http://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html


MSN: http://beta.search.msn.com/docs/submit.aspx


1. Content, Page Quantity and Frequency of Changes

The bottom line for getting good search engine results is to have lots of keyword rich

content on lots of pages. Google likes big sites. The larger sites are presumed to be

better funded, better organized, better constructed, and therefore better sites. Content

must be updated often; this is a Google patent and concerns the changes to page

content over time. Google sees newer content as better content especially if the site

‘theme’ is news, retail or auction.


For more information on Internet Business Solutions visit www.e-bc.ca.


Phone: (604) 775-7532 | Email: info@e-bc.ca | Website: http://www.e-bc.ca



Comment balloon 2 commentsDarrell Backen • December 25 2009 01:40AM


Pretty good overall information. Many of those things feed each other. Taking the time to learn a little SEO Search Engine Optimization makes the design work with Google better.

Posted by Ross Quintana, Real E Smarter Real Estate Coach - 509-362-1966 (Real E Smarter) about 11 years ago

Nice overview - another thing that is critical is the value of a list.  I like to use Aweber for maintenance of my list.

Posted by Brian Anderson, SEO and Social Media Marketin (Peachtree SEO) almost 11 years ago