Darrell Backen Digital Marketing: Website eMarketing Checklist eBC Guide to Search Engine Optimization and eMarketing |Oval Living Business Feature| How to Improve Your Business

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Website eMarketing Checklist eBC Guide to Search Engine Optimization and eMarketing |Oval Living Business Feature| How to Improve Your Business

Oval Living.comOval Living Business Feature| How to Improve Your BusinessWebsite eMarketing


eBC Guide to Search Engine

Optimization and eMarketing


What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is the component of marketing that deals with the planning, pricing,

promotion, and distribution of your products and services online. Good Internet

marketing strategies clearly communicate a firm’s unique selling proposition, or the

unique collection of benefits that creates value for its customers.

Everything you do to promote your business online is Internet marketing. For example,

Internet marketing strategies include (but are not limited to) website design and content,

search engine optimization, directory submissions, reciprocal linking strategies, online

advertising, and email marketing.


Three Steps to Success

Successful marketing on the Internet is not just about advertising your website in Google

or buying banner ads on other websites. Without a quality product or service and a well

developed website, a banner ad, for example, would do you little good.

To succeed online, you must develop a comprehensive plan that includes the following:

1. A solid business model and great products or services

2. An effectively designed website with sales as an objective

3. An online marketing strategy that suits your audience and fits your budget


Before You Begin

Describe Your Business.

This provides background information on your company. Key questions include

how and why was the organization started?; who are the players on your

management team?; what products and services do you provide?; and what

solutions, benefits and features do you offer?


Oval Living.comIdentify Your Buyers.

Who are they? What activities do they do online? Identifying your audience and

their needs enables you to determine how best you can reach them online,

thereby getting the most for your marketing dollar.


Market Research.

This analyzes the industry in which are Questions include: how large is your

industry your industry growing or contracting and leading competitors in your



Prepare Your Budget.

How much should you spend and, more importantly, how much do you have to

spend? The amount you budget towards Internet marketing will depend on how

integral the Internet is to your business success. Prioritize your needs based on

your budget, projecting into the future and growing your plan as your revenues



Finalize Your Internet Marketing Plan.

Your completed Internet marketing strategy should address: _

What Internet marketing techniques you will use? _

How you will implement each technique? _

What kinds of resources you will require? _

How long you anticipate testing each technique? _

What you hope to achieve? _

How you will mitigate problems that may arise? _

How you will evaluate your progress and measure success? _


Your Ability to Support and Maintain Your Plan.

Consider only implementing strategies you can handle. It is possible to do more

damage than good to your business if you implement techniques for which you

do not have the business processes or budget in place to support.



Keyword Research

Formerly called the Overture Keyword Selector Tool and the Overture Search

Term Suggestion Tool before that, this free service is primarily designed to help

advertisers who wish to select terms to target with ads on the Yahoo network.

But you can use it to see how popular particular terms are.






Page & Site Construction

Keyword in URL

Put your keywords in order, with the first being the most important. Use keyword

resources to research and target the best ones for your business. Avoid

keyword dilution.


Keyword in domain nameOval Living.com

Use the same keywords that you use on your page and filenames for your

domain name. Use hyphens to separate them.


Keyword in title tag

The best position is close to the beginning of the Title tag. Limit the length to

between 10 and 60 characters, and do not use special characters.


Keyword in description meta tag

Maximum length is 200 characters. Google no longer relies upon this tag, but

frequently uses it.


Keyword density in body text

Keywords should make up approximately 5 - 20% all keywords. More than 20%

of the total words will be considered spamming.


Keyword in H1, H2 and H3

Keywords should be placed within the first 3 heading tags in the content of the



Keyword prominence

Google will expect to see the most important keywords at the top of the page.

The rational being that the information of importance is what is talked of first.


Keyword in alt text

Although it is tempting to fill alt text with keywords the purpose of the alt tag is to

describe the graphic. This is a usability issue and although indexed by the

search engines it may also be counterproductive to the success of your website

with humans.


File Size

Absolutely do not exceed 100K page size. Small files are preferred. This is also

a usability issue as a smaller file size translates into faster page download

speeds and therefore renders the site more useable.


Site Size

Google likes big sites. The larger sites are presumed to be better funded, better

organized, better constructed, and therefore better sites.


Page & Site Construction

Hyphens in URL

The preferred method for indicating a space is a hyphen. Spaces in file names,

folder names and domain names (all making up the URL/URI) are not permitted

although %20 can be used. One or two hyphens are excellent for separating

keywords. Four or more hyphens are bad as the page is suspect as spam and

therefore demotion is probable.


Oval Living.comFreshness of Pages

This is a Google patent and concerns the changes to page content over time.

Google sees newer content as better content especially if the site ‘theme’ is

news, retail or auction.


Text NOT presented in graphic form only

A huge negative effect on your rankings is to have No ACTUAL body text on the

page. Text represented graphically is invisible to search engines and will result

in a decline in the effectiveness of other optimization efforts.


Text Links

Search engines cannot read links on javascript buttons, javascript drop-down

menus, image maps or Flash. This will, undoubtedly, change, but part of your

job is to make things as easy as possible for the search engine robots that are

examining your site. It’s not up to them to figure your site out. It’s up to you. So

ALL the site must be connected by text links, if you care at all about being found

in the search engines. This can be done by having a text-linked sitemap.

Another tactic is to have your navigation repeated at the bottom of the page

through simple text links.


Search Engine Submission

Site listed in DMOZ Directory

This is a huge boost as it is said that Google's directory comes straight from the

DMOZ directory. The DMOZ is commonly known as the Open Directory Project

(http://dmoz.org/) and it has strict guidelines as to who is listed. Submission info

can be found here: http://dmoz.org/add.html



Site listed in LookSmart Directory _Oval Living.com

A further surprise is the benefit of listing your site in the LookSmart directory

(http://search.looksmart.com/) although this may be expensive. There has been

no conclusive causation between the expense of advertising on LookSmart and

the success of rankings on Google. Advertiser info can be found here:



ROR SiteMap

ROR (Resources of a Resource) is a rapidly growing independant XML format

for describing any object of your content in a generic fashion, so any search

engine can better understand that content. RORweb.com is the official ROR



ROR was created before Goolge Sitemaps, as a way to describe website

information for the search engines. ROR is much more than Google Sitemaps, it

does not only help describe your sitemap, but also products, services, feeds,

articles, reviews, archives, and much more bjects. Also, ROR Sitemaps are

automatically readable by all search engines, including Google.




Pages Submitted to Google

Please enter your full URL, including the http:// prefix. For example:


. You may also add comments or keywords that

describe the content of your page. These are used only for our information and

do not affect how your page is indexed or used by Google.




Google SiteMap Created

Google Sitemaps is an easy way for you to submit all your URLs to the Google

index and get detailed reports about the visibility of your pages on Google. With

Google Sitemaps you can automatically keep us informed of all your web

pages, and when you make changes to these pages to help improve your

coverage in the Google crawl.




Search Engine Submission

Create a Google Account

To create a Google Account, go to


, enter your current email

address and choose a password. Once you've finished registering, you'll receive

a verification email. Clicking the link in that email will complete the account

creation process.


Oval Living.comSubmit Your Google Sitemap

These steps describe how to add a Sitemap that contains URLs for non-mobile

content (this includes most web sites).

1. Upload your Sitemap to your site in the highest level directory you want

search engines to crawl, generally the root. If you list URLs in your Sitemap that

are at a higher level than your Sitemap location, Google will be unable to

include those URLs as part of the Sitemap submission.

2. Sign into Google Sitemaps with your Google Account.


3. Click the Add tab. Note that if you haven't added anything to your account,

the Add page opens when you log in.

4. Choose the General Web Sitemap option and click Next.

5. Type the URL to your Sitemap location in the provided field. Make sure you

include the entire URL, such as http://www.example.com/sitemap.xml.


6. Click Add Web Sitemap.

Google ensures the URL is reachable and displays the Site Overview page.

This page lists the sites you've added to your account. When you add a

Sitemap, we add the corresponding site to your account. From the Site

Overview page, you can see the number of Sitemaps you've added for each site

and if any of them have errors.


Google Adwords

Reach people when they are actively looking for information about your

products and services online, and send targeted visitors directly to what you are

offering. With AdWords cost-per-click pricing, it's easy to control costs—and you

only pay when people click on your ad.



Google AdSense

Earn more revenue from your website, while providing visitors with a more

rewarding online experience. Google AdSense™ automatically delivers text and

image ads that are precisely targeted to your site and your site content—ads so

well-matched, in fact, that your readers will actually find them useful.



Search Engine Submission

Yahoo Submit – Free Option

The goal of Yahoo! Search is to discover and index all of the content available

on the web to provide the best possible search experience to users. The Yahoo!

Search index, which contains several billion web pages, is more than 99%

populated through the free crawl process.



Yahoo Submit – Paid Option

Yahoo! also offers several ways for content providers to submit web pages and

content directly to the Yahoo! Search index and the Yahoo! Directory



Site listed in Yahoo Directory

Surprisingly, this is also a big boost to being found on Google. You can get

listed by paying $299 each year. Submission info can be found here:



MSN Submit

Submit everypage of your site to the MSN Search



Add Me – Free Submission

Your site will be submitted to the following search engines: focusLook, Burf,

Subjex, Alexa, Scrub The Web, Google, LookSeek, Jayde, InfoTiger,

NerdWorld, Aeiwi, Walhello, LifeTips, ExactSeek, and EntireWeb



Lycos InSite

Smart search marketing from Lycos. This is a paid service. Grow your

business immediately with highly targeted traffic, along with versatile campaign

management and optimization tools.Drive low-cost, high quality search traffic to

your website.Optimize your search campaigns at leading engines (Lycos,

HotBot, Google, and others) and make the most of your search engine

marketing investment.



Microsoft bCentral's Submit It!

Search Engine Submission, Keyword Research, Optimization Analysis, Rank

Checking, & Link Popularity all in one easy to use system. This is a paid

service Submit It! is a serious tool that enables you to understand and manage

the entire search engine optimization process, so you can achieve lasting




Search Engine Submission

Scrub the Web

You may submit only one URL per email address per day. An email

confirmation will be sent to the email address you enter. If this confirmation

email is not deliverable the submission will be denied. Your email address will

not be used for any other purpose other than this confirmation email



Offline Support

Never underestimate the value of using low-cost, offline marketing techniques to

encourage people to visit your website. Ensure your website address is clearly listed on

all of your marketing materials – that is, your business card, brochure, published articles,

print advertisements, sandwich boards, your vehicle (if you use it for business),and so


Email Signature

The email signature is the message that can automatically appear at the bottom

of every email you send.


URL on Business Cards _

URL on Promotional & Print Advertising


URL on Storefront and Building Signage


URL on Vehicles _

URL on Company Logo

If appropriate _

Other Methods

Email Marketings

Permission-based email marketing can be a low-cost and very effective

component of your web marketing strategy. It can help to build a relationship

between your business and target market, and can drive traffic back to your

website. Email marketing can consist of direct email blasts and sales letters,

personalized auto-responders, and/or email newsletters.


Viral MarketingOval Living.com

Viral marketing and viral advertising refer to marketing techniques that seek to

exploit pre-existing social networks to produce exponential increases in brand

awareness, through viral processes similar to the spread of an epidemic. It is

word-of-mouth delivered and enhanced online; it harnesses the network effect

of the Internet and can be very useful in reaching a large number of people



Banner Ads

Graphical banner advertisements, pop-ups and text based ads are online ads

that are placed on third-party websites that link back to your website. The ads

are designed to encourage users to click through to your site to learn more and,

ultimately, to buy. These ads can be set up for a fee – pay-per-click, pay-perlead,

pay-per-sale – or they can be part of a reciprocal ad exchange with an

online “partner,” where you place your partner’s ad on your website in exchange

for your partner doing the same.


3rd Party Publishing

Another, often overlooked, but cost-saving method of marketing your business

online is by publishing editorials in third-party e-zines, e-newsletters and on

information-based websites. Just as editorials in offline media can help position

you as an expert in your field and drive readers to your website, providing

articles written (or ghost-written) by you to targeted online media can also drive

traffic to your website, often with no out-ofpocket expense. Just remember to

include a short biography that outlines what you do and a link to your website at

the bottom of each article you publish.


Affiliate/Referral Programs

Affiliate programs, also known as referral programs or partnership programs,

involve the use of affiliates to help market a website's products and services in

return for a payment for each sale, lead, action, or visitor generated.

Amazon.com has created one of the most sophisticated and successful affiliate

programs on the Internet – a program that has no doubt contributed to their high

level of brand recognition online, and the significant traffic and resulting revenue

their site generates.


Oval Living.comOther Methods


A blog or weblog is simply a web page that scrolls chronologically like a journal

and contains links to other websites of interest. Blogs, as creative online

journals, have been used by technical specialists for a number of years, but

business blogs, or b-blogs are just now making inroads into the mainstream.

As an alternative, low-cost (or even free) means of electronic communication,

blogs can make up a significant part of your overall marketing strategy.

Although b-blogs carry an inherent marketing focus not found in creative

weblogs, their casual structure provides the opportunity to connect with readers

on a more immediate and personal level than traditional websites and

newsletters allow.


Promote Your Site in Mailing Lists and News Groups

The Internet offers thousands of very targeted mailing lists and news groups

made up of people with very specialized interests. Use Google Groups

(www.groups.google.com) to find appropriate sources. Don't bother with news

groups constituted of pure "spam". Instead, find groups where a dialog is taking

place. Don't use aggressive marketing and overtly plug your product or service,

even if you see others doing so. Rather, add to the discussion in a helpful way

and let the "signature" at the end of your email message do your marketing for

you. People will gradually get to know and trust you, visit your site, and do

business with you.


Announce a Contest

People like getting something free. If you publicize a contest or draw available

on your site, you'll often generate more traffic than normal.


Ask Visitors to Bookmark Your Website

A simple yet effective promotion technique is to request your visitors to

bookmark your site. The more your site is bookmarked, the greater the chances

of repeat visits.


Develop a "Free" Service

Offer free information and tools on your site that can be used by your online

visitors. It's one thing to say, "Come to our site and learn about our business."

It's quite another to say, "Use the free kitchen remodeling calculator available

exclusively on our site." Make sure that your free service is closely related to

what you are selling so the visitors you attract will be good prospects for your

business. Give visitors multiple opportunities and links to cross over to the sales

part of your site.


Other Methods

Register Your Website in an eMarketplace.

e-Marketplaces are online exchanges where many buyers and sellers from all

over the world meet to share information, compare prices, and do business in a

specific industry or sector. Many e-marketplaces provide free online business

directories in which companies offering a product or service may register.

Register your website in geographic directories. Geographic directories spotlight

companies in a specific geographic area, say, a city, county, state. Locally

focused, these directories are an excellent way to spread the word on your

organization, especially among customers in your area.


List Your Products on Froogle

Froogle is on the Google home page. Millions of people come to Google each

day, and many are actively looking for the products you're selling. You can list

your products on Froogle for free. Unlike other online shopping sites, Froogle

costs nothing. There's no spending account to set up and maintain. No cost-perclick.

No cost, period. You control your product information. Simply upload a

new product feed at any time to ensure we're displaying the most accurate

descriptions and promotions for your products. All you need to access the

Froogle Merchant Center is a Google Account. Your Google Account also lets

you access Gmail, Google Groups, Google Answers, and other services. You

can upload a feed containing addresses, phone numbers, and hours for your

physical stores. We'll display this information along with your business listings

on Google Local.




Sell Your Products on eBay

With 180 million registered users worldwide, trading in more than 50,000

categories, eBay is one of the safest marketplaces in the world.Open an eBay

Store and easily reach the millions of buyers who shop on eBay each day!

Starting at just C$15.95 / month, an eBay Store is the most cost-effective way

to build your business online. Join the thousands of sellers who have already

made eBay Stores the most popular storefront solution on the web.




Customer Incentives

Provide gift certificates, contests, points and product referral services. _


For more information on Internet Business Solutions visit www.e-bc.ca


Phone: (604) 775-7532 | Email: info@e-bc.ca

 | Website: http://www.e-bc.ca


Please Note

eBusiness Connection strives to ensure the accuracy of the information in its guides

however policies, procedures, costs and other items mentioned within this guide are

subject to change. The responsibility for verification of this information rests solely with

the reader.


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