Darrell Backen Digital Marketing: Yahoo for Small Business Build an easy, affordable website with Yahoo SiteBuilder

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Yahoo for Small Business Build an easy, affordable website with Yahoo SiteBuilder

Oval Living.com

 Yahoo for Small Business

Build an easy, affordable website with

Yahoo SiteBuilder


As the Web becomes an increasingly essential business tool, the requirements of small

business Web hosting customers, from established users to first-time Web site builders,

are becoming increasingly complex. Though many small businesses lack the resources to employ professional Web site designers and the technical know-how to build a complex site on their own, customers are consistently demanding more functionality and complexity than most simple browser based page-building tools can provide. Yahoo Web Hosting has launched its Site Builder, a powerful and downloadable Web site building tool, and the latest step in Yahoo's efforts to establish itself as the leading provider of Internet solutions for small business.

Developed in-house at Yahoo, the Site Builder tool is a departure from the free Web design tools commonly offered by Web hosting providers. Perhaps the most important difference is that it is a downloadable program that allows users to manage their Web presences from their desktops and publish to Yahoo's Web hosting service, unlike browser-based tools, which usually require users to edit pages online.


According to Tim Roberts, director of product management for Yahoo Small Business,

many of the fundamentals of good Web design are built into the product. The company

was careful to craft a tool that could offer a template-based approach at first, providing

206 categorized Web page templates and 1,100 royalty-free images, but would allow

customers to move easily beyond the constraints of those templates.

"One of the things that we saw was people using templates," says Roberts, "but then

feeling as constrained by them, once they got going, as they were helped by them when

they started."


Oval Living.comAnyone can download site builder for free and use it to design a site, says Roberts,

without so much as a Yahoo ID. But to publish the site, the user requires a Yahoo Web

hosting account. "We actually found that it was critical for customers to be able to use

the tool and build a site without having to pay first," he says. “And then they can actually

pull out their credit card and pay for a Yahoo Web hosting account."


One of the other important features of the tool, says Roberts, is that it forgoes any

proprietary file formats in favor of standard HTML pages. This, he says, enables

customers to continue working with their sites with more complex editing tools, or to hire

designers to work with them.


"If you want to use Dreamweaver or FrontPage or any other client tool out there, that'sOval Living.com

fine," says Roberts. "We just want you to have a successful, professional-looking Web

page that you're happy with, and use whatever tool is necessary to do that."

Of course, the other advantage of Site Builder is that it allows users to incorporate

functions from throughout the Yahoo network into their Web sites. Customers can

incorporate features like maps or driving instructions into their site, or use the popular

Yahoo Store to build in e-commerce features.

In fact, says Riley, it is that range of functionality, along with the ongoing effort to meet

the changing demands of small businesses that will enable Yahoo to set itself apart as

the leading provider of Internet services to small business customers.




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Comment balloon 1 commentDarrell Backen • December 25 2009 03:09AM


  I was looking into SiteBuilder about 3 years ago and even got one of those Dummies book for it then.  I did have a couple of clients who started off with SiteBuilder and then have someone like myself to help them when they got too big and could no longer get SiteBuilder to do what they needed it to do. But SiteBuilder is a good place to start.

Posted by Song San, Broker, MBA (Coldwell Banker Dynasty) about 11 years ago