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Every Business Needs a Website Oval Living Business Feature..

Oval Living Business Feature..

The resources of e-BC and Small Business BC are probably the most valuable resources you will discover. I have used them for over 6 years and have great results with their courses and their free 1 on 1 consultation. I would credit them with my entire online business learning and development experience.  I have had great success ranking page 1, position 1,2 and 3 with Google, Yahoo and MSN with the information and systems I learned here.

The information provided in this blog is provided by e-BC  and Small Business BC with their permission.

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Oval Living.comEvery Business Needs a Website

Electronic commerce or e-commerce refers to business transactions that happen online.

That is, selling on the Internet. Electronic business or e-business refers to more than just

selling online.

In Canada’s private sector, more than 75% of businesses are estimated to be using the

Internet to facilitate some aspect of their business. In fact, more than 62% of businesses

in Western Canada operate a website.


The Benefits of eBusiness

E-Business is about utilizing Internet technologies -- such as email and online banking

solutions, and more sophisticated systems such as web-based customer relationship

management solutions –- to provide superior customer service, streamline business

processes, increase sales and reduce costs.

Consumer demand

Consumers demand information and businesses’ websites are where more and

more of them are finding that information.

Cost effective advertising

Dollar for dollar the web is the best place to advertise. Compared to traditional

media such as TV, Radio and Yellow Pages a website:

_ Information can be updated and added 24/7

_ Accessed 24/7

_ Multilingual

_ Interactive

_ Searchable

Levels the playing field

The Internet levels the playing field for small businesses. That is, it allows small

business operators to compete on equal footing with larger businesses in the

same industry.

Increase customer interaction

Email communications, website FAQs and auto-responders are examples of

simple and cost effective electronic techniques that can help to improve

communications between you and your clients/customers.

Increase brand awareness

Even if you are not considering selling online, having a website that promotes

your business, provides contact information, and outlines your unique value

proposition -– that is, the unique collection of benefits attributed to your product

or service which create value for your customers or clients -- will simply increase

your reach and value in the marketplace, and make it easier for your potential

clients/customers to find you.


StartSmart With eBC


For more information on Internet Business Solutions visit www.e-bc.ca


Phone: (604) 775-7532 | Email: info@e-bc.ca | Website: http://www.e-bc.ca

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