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Start With a Domain Name Oval Living Business Feature..

Oval Living Business Feature..

The resources of e-BC and Small Business BC are probably the most valuable resources you will discover. I have used them for over 6 years and have great results with their courses and their free 1 on 1 consultation. I would credit them with my entire online business learning and development experience.  I have had great success ranking page 1, position 1,2 and 3 with Google, Yahoo and MSN with the information and systems I learned here.

The information provided in this blog is provided by e-BC  and Small Business BC with their permission.

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Oval Living.comStart With a Domain Name

What's in a name? Plenty, especially if you are marketing or selling online. A domain

name provides an online identity and contact point for your business or organization.

Marketers are so aware of the monetary value attached to names and their use on the

Internet, domain name buying and selling has become a business in itself; some coveted

domain names have been sold for more than a million dollars.

Choosing an appropriate yet available name is no easy task in a saturated market --

world-wide, registered domain names near 5 billion and counting. Therefore, choosing

the right domain name means balancing availability with brand recognition and user


What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a unique alpha-numeric address used to identify and locate a

specific computer on the internet.

What is a Domain Name extension?

A domain name extension is what appears after the domain name,

ex: www.e-bc.ca-- .ca is the extension. Choosing your extension is just as

important as deciding on a domain name

Choosing a name

On the Internet, short, easy to remember names that relate to your core business

work best. Nevertheless, simple, very short domains are often unavailable so,

unless your company or product name is unique, you may have to create a twoword


Use your business name

When choosing a name, keep in mind that you are not restricted to your

registered business name. Therefore, although you may want to choose a name

that contains all or part of your company name, alternately you may want to use

the name of a product or service that you offer.

.com or .ca?

Should you register a generic top level domain (dot-com) or a country code top

level domain (dot-ca)? This all depends on the market for your product or service.

If you are selling strictly to Canadians, or if being known as Canadian is an

important feature of your product or service, then you are better off with a dot-ca


Hard to Misspell

If people can misspell something, they will. The longer and more complex your

domain name, the harder it is for your customers to type it in correctly. Many of

them can't type well to start with, so to type in a long name may lose you lots of


Easy to Say


StartSmart With eBC


For more information on Internet Business Solutions visit www.e-bc.ca


Phone: (604) 775-7532 | Email: info@e-bc.ca | Website: http://www.e-bc.ca


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