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Your Website: Think, Launch and Grow...Oval Living Business Feature..

Oval Living Business Feature..

The resources of e-BC and Small Business BC are probably the most valuable resources you will discover. I have used them for over 6 years and have great results with their courses and their free 1 on 1 consultation. I would credit them with my entire online business learning and development experience.  I have had great success ranking page 1, position 1,2 and 3 with Google, Yahoo and MSN with the information and systems I learned here.

The information provided in this blog is provided by e-BC  and Small Business BC with their permission.

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Your Website: Think, Launch and GrowOval Living.com

4 options

Once you’ve taken care of the basics, you need to decide how you will design and

build your website. Below are the four main ways to get a website up and running for

your business.


The least expensive (but probably most time consuming) option is to design and

build a website yourself. The cost-savings of the do-it-yourself option may be

outweighed by the time required to design and build your own site. If you are a

novice with computers, this is time that may be better spent doing what you do

best – building and growing your business

A friend

Very similar to the DIY solution, hiring a friend can be a very cost effective

method of building a website. They may not have the required design,

development or Internet marketing skills and you may have to hire other

individuals to ensure all your project needs are met.

A student

Hiring a student can be a cost-effective option for a small business owner on a

budget. A skilled, enthusiastic student can design and build you a basic website,

and can advise you on search engine optimization and other Internet marketing

techniques. The cost of the hiring a student depends on the nature of the


A professional

Consider your needs: Not all website design firms have the same skills or the

same areas of expertise. Make sure that the designer you choose has the

necessary knowledge and skills to meet your needs.

Ask to see previous work: This is the best way to assess their skills. But don’t let

yourself be fooled by appearances. In the Web world, looks can be deceiving.

The user-friendliness of a site is often more important than its design.

Before you sign the contract

Get 3 references

Contact by telephone

_ Ask “would you hire this company again?”

What is the most important thing?

Content, content, content

Length of development effected by delivery of content

CMS: Take control of your site


StartSmart With eBC

For more information on Internet Business Solutions visit www.e-bc.ca

Phone: (604) 775-7532 | Email: info@e-bc.ca | Website: http://www.e-bc.ca


A CMS, or Content Management System, is a web application used for managing

websites and web content. A CMS supports the creation, management, distribution

and publishing of information. It also may provide the ability to manage the structure

of the site, the appearance of the published pages, and the navigation provided to

the users.

CMS provides you with a simple, non-technical way of updating your content. This is

typically (but not always) done via a web-based interface that works much like Word


Just point-and-click, type in the new words, and hit save. Your site is instantly

updated. Equally easy is adding new pages, deleting old ones, or restructuring the

site to match your new business model. You can now concentrate on the content, not

the technology.


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