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Client Checklist of Obscure Phobias...

Here is a fun list that John had put together.

Since REALTORS® are into checklists, here's a dandy.

Please check below any from which you suffer:

A fear of open places                                                 agoraphobia

A fear of heights or high places                                   altophobia (also bataphobia)

A fear of dust                                                            amathophobia

A fear of looking at high places                                   anablepophobia

A fear of floods or flooding                                         antlophobia

A fear of defects or imperfections                                atelophobia

A fear of tall buildings                                                batophobia

A fear of enclosed spaces                                           cleisiophobia (also clithrophobia)

A fear of falling downstairs (usually fond of ranchers)     climacophobia

A fear of houses or being stuck in a house                   domatophobia

A fear of mirrors (mainly on ‘bad hair' days)                 eisoptrophobia

A fear of electricity                                                     electrophobia

A fear of insects                                                        entomophobia

A fear of dampness                                                   hygrophobia

A fear of high prices (common with buyers)                   hypselotimophobia

A fear of termites                                                       isopterophobia

A fear of mice or rats                                                  musophobia

A fear of one's home                                                  oikophobia (also ecophobia)      

A fear of heat                                                            thermophobia

A fear of neighbors or a neighborhood                          viciniphobia

I think this list must have been compiled circa early 1900's by a British Estate Agent; what do you think?

Feel free to suggest more modern phobias (accompanying anecdotes welcome)...

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