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Traveling Made easy (Easier) Nothing to do with Real Estate per se

Getting ready for a winter trip, This list may be helpful

Well getting ready to go to our grandson's birthday, I pulled out my trusty GREEN TRAVEL SHEET. Green because it's green in color (making it easy to find), and because I RE-USE it year after year.

It's a list of things to pack and take along on every trip. Like spare glasses for when i take my contacts out. Yikes!

I have had this for 25 years or more. I've made them for my girls and family and friends. I thought the other day that it would be a nice thing to work up for a client as well. Maybe even work up several lists. Then edit for each client.

One for travel, with names and contact info of whom to call to forward mail or turn off power etc. But mainly for those of us who always used to end up at our destination without the one thing we really need.

Just adjust the entrys for the type of place you are traveling to, so you don't take something they will provide.  Keep that suitcase as light as possible these days. I usually only need half of these things, but if i don't check my list, I end up forgetting the one thing i really need.

So here's my travel list.

Feel free to copy and paste into word or anywhere and edit for your own.

PILLOW (can't sleep without my own)

Passport (great for extra ID even when traveling inside the US)

Driver's License

My soap (Unless it's a 5 Star Spa)

Heating pad (headaches, backache from long trip, etc)

Extra Glasses

Contact Case

Contact Solutions

Socks, Hose, Underthings



Make-up Kit

Hair Rollers, Hair Dryer

Hand Sanitizer/Wipes


Drugs (Aspirin, Migraine Meds, Herbs etc can be added here)

Shoes (Sneakers, Flip Flops, Dress)


Pen and notepad/paper

Sweater or Jacket (Restaurants and Planes are cold even in summer)

Toothbrush and Toothpaste, Floss


Shampoo, Conditioner, Mousse/Gel

Shower Cap

(Add your own)

Enjoy and may we all travel safely this holiday season.


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