Darrell Backen Digital Marketing: 6 Ways to Use Video for More Business

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6 Ways to Use Video for More Business

I have had great response from ny videos as well.


I started making videos of my listings 2 years ago and give a lot of credit to video for my listings selling in an average of 25 Days on Market for the past 24 months. 

Videos are very versitile.  Here is my Top 6 Ways To Use Video:

  1. I use a widget that shows 3 of my videos as Featured Homes on the main page of my website
  2. Embed videos in your blog (to do it here on ActiveRain, just copy the embed code from any video sharing site, click on the "HTML" tab, paste the code in and viola - it's in your blog!)
  3. Tweet about your video
  4. Upload your videos to FacebookArrow
  5. Make an "About You" video and embed it in the side of your ActiveRain blog.  (Look down and to the right!)   To do this, post the embed code in under "Settings" on your "My Home" page
  6. Take that same "About You" video and embed it into your profile on ActiveRain  (Edit your Profile and use the "HTML" tab to paste the video code into your Profile)


real estate video sites

2 years ago YouTube was giving me the best exposure - each video would receive over 100 views, more than any of the other video sites like Yahoo or Veoh.  I've noticed a change, however in the last year.  There are more real estate specific video sites and it seems like buyers are not only noticing them, but using them.

Buyers realize they no longer have to wade through videos of piano playing cats to see properties for sale, so make sure your videos are where they're looking!

Real Estate Videos Sites to Check Out:


Here's a bonus tip:  Always make 2 versions of your video - one with all of your information and the second unbranded so you can link it to your MLS. Both Zipvo and WellcomeMat allow you to upload 2 versions of the video so you can link the unbranded version to your MLS.

Most of these sites also have apps that allow your videos to be viewed from an iPhone, so bring your listings to the small screen and the even smaller screen and help them to sell faster!

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Darell this is some great information.  I plan to start using video in the near future.  I'll bookmark this and be back. Thanks

Posted by Brian Birkel (Deeb Realty) almost 11 years ago