Darrell Backen Digital Marketing: Can the police, ambulance or firefighters find your home easily from the street?

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Can the police, ambulance or firefighters find your home easily from the street?

Very important detail to check out for yourself.

Do you have an emergency contact list of your kids school numbers and relatives?


Have you put aside 3 days water supply if there is an emergency situation.

If you havea an RV this is a great place to have extra supplies and water as well.

Can the police, ambulance or firefighters find your home easily from the street?

This content was originally posted in 2007, but I am sharing it again as the holidays are near and it is one of the busiest times of year for home accidents and injury.

Protect yourself (check your house and/or business), visit loved ones and the elderly to check their house numbers as well!

In the words of Benjamin Franklin ~ “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

I ask this because I just spent the better part of 30 minutes trying to locate a home on a very long street and couldn’t find it. Why you ask? Not one house number was visible from the street. They weren’t on the mailboxes or curbs and the ones that were on homes weren’t able to be read from the street/vehicle.

Yes, I eventually found what I was looking for, but what if it had been an emergency vehicle, a potential home buyer trying to find your open house or a customer trying to reach your business?

Baltimore County has recently (late 2007) made changes in respect to Building Numbers and I’ve placed them below to make homeowners in Baltimore County aware of the change.

Baltimore County – Changes to Requirements for Building Numbers

Additionally, please remember that a change made last year with respect to the placement of address numbers on Baltimore County properties is in effect and all property owners are required to comply with the following (capitals indicate material added to existing law):

The owner of improved property shall prominently display numerals or letters, AT LEAST THREE INCHES IN HEIGHT, designating the address assigned to the property:

(1) in a conspicuous space on or about the property;

(2) on a conspicuous background; and

(3) in a location that is unobstructed and clearly visible:

(I) from the street named in the address of the property; AND


This requirement is enforced by the Baltimore County Fire Department as a health and safety measure and failure to comply could result in a $100 fine.


Permit information, permit approval status 410-887-3900

Building Plans Review 410-887-3987

Building Inspection 410-887-3953

Electrical Inspection 410-887-3960

Plumbing Inspection 410-887-3620

Zoning Information 410-887-3391

Development Management, PDM 410-887-3335

MD Codes Administration “Accessibility” 410-514-7220

State of Maryland Flood Plain 410-631-3914

Dept. Environmental Protection & Resource Management:

Food Service Plans Review 410-887-4068

Sediment Control 410-887-3226

State of Maryland Elevator Inspection 410-767-2350

This link will take you directly to the Baltimore County Building Code.

One more reminder…do your research before you build, you don’t want to break these laws as they could cost you the sale of your home (and a lot of money) in the future.

Please share this information with your friends, family and associates…it is important that emergency workers can find your home, no matter where you live! Thank you!

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Comment balloon 4 commentsDarrell Backen • November 08 2009 10:56AM


This is great information for any area of the country. If emergency personel can't find you, this can be bad news.

Posted by Roland Woodworth, eXp Realty (eXp Realty) almost 11 years ago

Thank you for the re-blog!  I'm glad this information was useful!

Posted by Tammi Copsey almost 11 years ago

Your welcome Tammi. I really agree with the concept.

Posted by Darrell Backen, Digital Marketing (Darrell Backen 1.855.216.6010) almost 11 years ago


A plan to plan is always needed


Posted by Darrell Backen, Digital Marketing (Darrell Backen 1.855.216.6010) almost 11 years ago