Darrell Backen Digital Marketing: 99 SEO Research and Internet Marketing Methods For Small Businesses

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99 SEO Research and Internet Marketing Methods For Small Businesses

SEO Research

99 SEO Research and Internet Marketing Methods For Small Businesses

I did extensive research for SEO and Internet Marketing Methods For Small Businesses. I put them together into 2 volumes of reference books. I also studied Advanced E-Commerce at a College. Even with this background I came away from Raincamp with another whole new arsenal of methods to rank high in Google.

I have done marketing all my life, and have set up many small businesses on successful internet campaigns. I will share with you some of the lessons I have learned.

Internet Marketing  Systems
1.        Affiliate Marketing
2.        Amazon Marketplace Selling
3.        Banner Exchanges
4.        Basic Link Trading
5.        Classified Ad Strategies
6.        Comparison Shopping Portals
7.        Competitive Analysis Using Alexa
8.        Components Of A Successful Online Business
9.        Content Driven Marketing
10.        Coupon Portals
11.        Credit Card Merchant Accounts
12.        Demographic Research Using MSN Ad Centers
13.        Designing Your Web Site For Maximum Effectiveness
14.        Determining The Testing Process For Your Web Site
15.        Determining Your Conversion Rate
16.        Determining Your Site Strategy
17.        Determining Your Target Audience
18.        Electronic Publishing Methods
19.        Establish And In Promoting An Affiliate Marketing Campaign
20.        Free Classified Ads On The Web
21.        Free Vertical Portals
22.        Gain A Hundred Visitors To Your Web Site On A Daily Basis
23.        Geographic Targeting
24.        Google Ad Words
25.        Google Site Maps
26.        Grating Banners
27.        How To Improve Customer Flow To Your Web Site
28.        Improving Your Conversion Rate
29.        Increasing Your Average Order Size
30.        Initial Paper Click Marketing Campaign
31.        Internet Malls
32.        Keyword Research For Pay Per Click Search Engines
33.        Keyword Research For Relevancy Search Engines
34.        Leverage Marketing
35.        Link Popularity And Page Ranking
36.        Link Trading
37.        Maintaining The Freshness Factor Of Your Web Site
38.        Meta Tags
39.        Microsoft Objective Marketing
40.        Necessary Pages That Need To Be In Your Web Site
41.        Newsletter Ad Trading
42.        Newsletter Campaigns
43.        Paid Inclusion Vertical Portals
44.        Pay Pal Systems And Other Payment Systems
45.        Permission Based Marketing
46.        Relevancy Search Engine Optimization
47.        Researching The Web
48.        Reverse Search Tools
49.        Social Bookmarking
50.        Social Media Strategies Such As Face Book
51.        Stealth Linking
52.        Submitting To Live Directories
53.        Submitting To Online Yellow Pages
54.        Submitting To Relevancy Search Engines
55.        The Alexa Internet Strategy Program
56.        The Media Press Release Campaign
57.        Third-Party Resources
58.        Utilization Of Google Ad Words
59.        Utilizing Yahoo Stores
60.        Viral Marketing
61.        Web Site Usability Studies
62.        Web Rings
63.        Write Effective Ad Copy

Web Site Audit Systems
64.        Archive.Org
65.        Color Blindness Test, No Blue Cones
66.        Color Blindness Test, No Green Cones
67.        Color Blindness Test, No Red Cones
68.        CSS Validation
69.        Google Cache
70.        Google Web Rank
71.        HTML Validation
72.        HTTP. Headers
73.        Keyword Density Clouds
74.        Keyword Suggestion Analysis
75.        Link Popularity
76.        Links Validation
77.        Load Time
78.        MSN Cache
79.        Readability Test Or Accessibility
80.        Robots.Txt Validation
81.        RSS Validation
82.        Speed
83.        Spelling Validation
84.        Spider Simulator
85.        Traffic Details Using Alexa
86.        Yahoo Cache
87.        Yahoo Web Rank

Web Writing And Web Analytics
88.        Condense your content and layout your website so your  most important information is viewed first.  
89.        Analyze your web site code, find out what keywords potential customers are searching for, analyze your   
             web site traffic, and make sure you are listed in the right search engines.
90.        Analyze clicks and click throughs.  
91.        How people arrive at your website, how they navigate through your site and how the user interacts with     
            your online buying process.  
92.        Learn more about your customer through the use of web analytics and server logs.
93.        Google analytics installed on the web site
94.        Research of Competitors Keywords
95.        Research of Competitors Web Writing
96.        Analysis of Competitor Strategies
97.        Analysis of Keywords Using Reverse Search Tool
98.        Optimization of Maximum Result Keywords
99.        Optimization of Keyword Phrases, According to Target Market Selection

Comment balloon 3 commentsDarrell Backen • November 08 2009 01:41PM


That's a heck of a list!!  Thanks for sharing. 

Posted by Amanda Christiansen, Christiansen Group Realty (Christiansen Group Realty (260)704-0843) about 11 years ago

How do you buy the books?

Posted by Florida Real Estate Expert about 11 years ago

The books are a collection of my research just to have at my fingertips the info required. I never thought of listing them for sale.

Posted by Darrell Backen, Digital Marketing (Darrell Backen 1.855.216.6010) about 11 years ago