Darrell Backen Digital Marketing: When you are moving in Coquitlam...Send Change of Address to:

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When you are moving in Coquitlam...Send Change of Address to:

When you are moving in Coquitlam...Send Change of Address to:


  1.       Post Office
  2.       Change accounts and credit card agencies
  3.       Friends and Relatives
  4.      Subscriptions, book clubs, record clubs (notice requires several weeks in advance)
  5.       Bank - transfer funds, arrange for check cashing in new city
  6.      Insurance - Notify regarding new location for coverage:  Life, Health, Fire, Auto
  7.      Automobile registration - Transfer of auto title is necessary: also driver's license, city windshield sticker and motor club membership
  8.      Utility Companies - Gas, electric, water, telephone, cable television, fuel: obtain refund of any deposit made:  arrange for immediate service in new location
  9.       Route Persons - Laundry, newspaper delivery, changeover of services
  10.       School Records - Ask for copies of the transfer of children's records
  11.      Medical, dental, prescription histories - Ask physicians and dentists for referrals, transfer needed prescription, X-rays
  12.       Church, clubs, civic organizations - Transfer memberships, request letters of introduction
  13.       Pets - ask about registration for licenses, vaccinations, tags.  Request transfer of veterinarian's records

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